Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser

Posted by anna on March 14, 2022 

An automated lateral flow reagent dispenser can reduce the cost of consumables in a lab while maintaining consistency of quality. The automatic lateral flow dispensing system has individual addressable channels and can be a stand-alone device or part of a robotic platform. This model is modular and features auto-calibration, plate stackers and tip cleaning. The device has software management and is ideal for small-scale production and development processes.

The BioStriper TM automated lateral flow reagent dispenser is an affordable liquid dispensing system that allows researchers of all levels to conduct lateral flow assays. The dispenser is especially suited for start-ups and R&D labs. Its easy-to-adjust tip allows only the exact amount of lateral flow reagent to be loaded into the tubing. The dispensing system is simple to maintain and can be easily replaced.

The economical liquid dispensing system enables researchers at any level to conduct lateral flow assays. Its low-cost dispensing system, easy tip adjustment, and syringe-free design allow it to be suitable for start-up and R&D laboratories. Its low-cost dispensing and syringe-free dispensing system also make it an excellent choice for smaller, budget-conscious labs.

The lateral flow reagent dispenser is cost-effective for all researchers. Its low price makes it a great choice for start-up and R&D labs. The system is easy to use and has an easy-to-adjust tip. Its interchangeable tip and tubing allows for quick and easy changeover of reagents. It also supports up to four lines and offers high precision and efficiency.

The lateral flow reagent dispenser is an inexpensive, automated lateral flow reagent dispenser that allows every scientist to do lateral flow assays. It is particularly suitable for small labs and R&D labs. Its simple operation, low-cost, and syringe-free dispensing system make it an excellent choice for start-ups. The system is simple to use and has no syringe to lose.

The lateral flow reagent dispenser is a table-top automated lateral flow reagent dispenser that dispenses liquid without contact with the destination plate. Its adjustable tip can be replaced without tools, and the dispensing head can quickly slide across the top plate. Another benefit of the lateral flow reagent dispenser is its low cost and low-maintenance design. Its flexible syringes make it a great choice for small-scale production and R&D labs.

Designed to provide precise dispensing of biological materials, the lateral flow reagent dispenser is a reliable and cost-effective option for paper-based fluidic applications. Its syringe pump helps draw lines on nitrocellulose membranes with ease. The BioStriper TM is a flexible and low-maintenance dispensing system. In addition, it does not apply significant mechanical stress to the membrane.

Automated Reagent Dispenser

An automated reagent dispenser is a device used to dispense reagents in a laboratory. This type of dispensing machine can be used for 96-, 384-, or 1536-well microplates. These devices have four nozzles that are the narrowest points. They also allow for back-flushing through larger channels and are easy to replace. These systems are available with or without the microfluidic chip.

Some of the most popular automated reagent dispensers are multimode and multi-mode. The MultiFlo FX has several dispensing technologies and features a modular design. The AMX module automates media exchanges, protecting and encouraging 2D and 3D cell structures. This module also reduces the risk of cell removal and damage. The system is ideal for preparing and performing experiments on numerous microplates. It also allows for the automatic dispensing of multiple reagents in one run.

MultiFlo FX: MultiFlo FX is an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser designed for six to 1536-well microplates. This dispenser incorporates several innovative dispensing technologies. The device is also modular, so users can easily add on new functionality based on their needs. Its AMX module automates gentle media exchanges, protecting delicate 3D cell structures and promoting the growth of loosely adherent 2D cells. It eliminates the risk of damaging or removing cells from their culture.

MultiFlo FX: This automated multi-mode reagent dispenser is designed to dispense reagents into 6 to 1536-well microplates. The machine features several unique dispensing technologies. Unlike other reagent dispensers, it also has a modular design. The system is easy to add modules to increase functionality. The AMX module allows users to automate gentle media exchanges, preserving complex 3D cell structures and encouraging loosely adherent 2D cells. This reduces the risk of damaging or removing cells from the plate.

Micro10x is a fully automated reagent dispenser for single and multiple microplates. Its innovative dispensing technology allows researchers to dispense up to four reagents in a single microplate. Its touch-screen programming allows them to program and control the system from a single device. The system also integrates with more than 200 lab instruments. It has a positive mounting bracket and a touch screen.

FlexDrop PLUS is an automated multimode reagent dispenser that dispenses reagents in two- to five-mL volumes. It can dispense 0.4mL into 384-well microplates in under ten seconds and up to 1536-well microplates in less than 30 seconds. Its integrated software lets you customize the dispensing patterns and store 99 protocols. The hood-compatible model also provides a sterile environment for the safety of the technicians.

The MultiFlo FX is an automated reagent dispenser with a modular design. Its features include a wash module and supports six to 1536-well plates. A syringe pump is integrated into the dispenser. The MultiFlo FX can be operated unattended with up to 500 nL of liquid. In addition to the syringe pumps, the multiFlo FX can support parallel dispensing of reagents.

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